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Plant Biology 2000

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Poster: Vegetative Development

Abs # 117: "Isolation and Characterization of Meristem Specific Genes from Cajanus" cajan".

Presenter: Raja, Varsha G.,
AuthorsRaja, Varsha G. (A)  
Affiliations: (A): Varsha Raja,Scientist,School Of Life Sciences,JNU,New Delhi-67,INDIA
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Abstract for ASPP 2000 : Plant Biology 2000 Vegetative Development Keywords : 1) Developmental genes 2) Shoot apical meristem 3) Subtractive hybridisation 4) Ectopic Expressions ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MERISTEM SPECIFIC GENES FROM CAJANUS CAJAN Varsha Raja ,Pramod Yadav, and Neera Bhalla Sarin School Of Life Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi-67 INDIA The vegetative shoot apical meristem must contain all the information necessary for the development of a plant.Hence it is very important to isolate genes from vegetative shoot apical meristem of Cajanus cajan,using subtractive hybridization approach. It is a powerful technique that allows isolation of the differences in the nucleic acid composition of two cell samples and thus two populations of mRNAs were compared and stage specific cDNA subtracted clones were obtained which are subjected for further screening .It will also be important to study an ectopic expression patterns of these clones using supermas promoter in order to understand better plant development at the molecular level.

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