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Poster: Plant biotech & Risk Assessment

Abs # P45001: Green fluorescent protein as a vital marker for detection of transformation events in transgenic soybean produced by Agrobacterium mediated transformation.

Presenter: Hanafy, Moemen       Contact Presenter
AuthorsHanafy, Moemen  (A)   Rahman, Mizanur  (B)   Fujiwara, Toru  (C)   Ishimoto, Masao  (D)  
Affiliations: (A): National Research Centre, Plant Biotechnology Dept
(B): ) National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region,
(C): University of Tokyo, Biotechnology Research Center
(D): National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region,

Particle bombardment and Agrobacterium mediated-transformation are routinely used for soybean delivering exogenous DNA to plant cell. However, each of them has certain disadvantages. Particle bombardment is a common method for soybean transformation but tends to cause transgene silencing. We have produced transgenic soybean by Agrobacterium mediated transformation and particle bombardment. The objective of this study was to use GFP as a vital non destructive reporter gene in Agrobacterium mediated transformation of soybean. Cotyledonary node explants were co-cultivated with Agrobacterium strain EHA105 harboring binary vectors conferring GFP linked to a wild CgS or a mutant mto1 CgS of Arabidopsis thaliana under control of the glycinin promoter for seed-specific expression. Transient and stable expression of GFP in transgenic tissues was readily detected by fluorescence microscopy, allowing easy confirmation of gene introduction. Several transgenic lines over expressing CgS were analyzed.

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